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Where To Buy Tag Heuer Watches

Our selection of TAG Heuer watches offers some of their best pieces of time wear, all featuring the high-end quality they have been known for through the decades. We offer some of their most famous collections from their Aquaracer, featuring the latest in technology with six legendary features found in professional diver watches to their Formula 1 collection, which has been designed directly from automotive performance inspirations.

where to buy tag heuer watches

We also offer the popular Link and Monaco collection of TAG Heuer watches to give you a diverse selection to choose from when searching for your next quality time wear addition. All of these exceptional products feature durable materials and expert manufacturing from one of the most trusted names in the industry.

At REEDS Jewelers, we are honored to have been your source for all of your Casio watches, designer jewelry, engagement rings, and more than seven decades. Our commitment to customers is the driving force behind all we do, and your satisfaction is our top priority. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about any of the selections of fine jewelry we have to offer and point you in the right direction of the perfect watch to match your style and personality. Let us help find your new favorite today from our entire selection of watches for women and men.

Eduoard Heuer founded the Heuer brand in 1860. In just a few short years, Heuer filed a number of patents, including a notable patent for an oscillating pinion mechanism, and important development that is still used by major watchmakers today. Other innovative breakthroughs include their first dashboard chronograph, called Time of Trip, in 1911, which sparked the longstanding relationship between Heuer and the automobile and airline industries. The Heuer brand focused on research and development, producing chronographs for pilots in the 1930s and wristwatches in the 1940s.

We are extremely proud to be the No. 1 online marketplace for buyers and sellers of luxury pre-owned watches. Our servicing and authentication efforts ensure maximum value for both buyers and sellers, and our data-backed pricing methodology provides all parties with 100% pricing.

Equipped to handle any TAG Heuer watch repair, Houston watch owners depend on us for a wide range of watch care needs, from simple battery replacements to complete overhauls. TAG Heuer watches were designed to perform. Let us help restore your TAG Heuer to peak performance today!

TAG Heuer has championed precision timekeeping since 1860, with a reputation for watches that excel in the most rigorous sporting endeavors. Legendary for its groundbreaking chronographs and its role in motorsports history, TAG Heuer is recognized the world over for pushing boundaries in technical innovation, Swiss accuracy and fashion-forward luxury, earning the loyalty of professional racecar drivers, Hollywood luminaries and Hall of Fame athletes.

TAG Heuer watches are known for bringing luxury and the latest tech together for a smartwatch that can be customized for your needs. With Swiss accuracy and a fashion-foward design, a TAG Heuer watch for him or her is the perfect gift or way to treat yourself.

Now with our modern TAG Heuer watches for sale, this Swiss-made brand continues to bring innovation to the racetrack with technology such as the dual-architecture movement that makes their Mikrogirder wrist watches capable of measuring 1/2000th of a second. With our TAG watch sale, you can enjoy this rapid action for precision timing and improved performance on the track, field, or under the water.

Along with your purchase of TAG Heuer watches for sale, you will also receive the Watch Warehouse Certificate of Authenticity card, our two-year warranty, and free shipping to the USA. Shop your next TAG Heuer watch at Watch Warehouse today!

Many TAG Heuer watches for men are geared towards motorsports. But instead, this collection was made for water sports such as diving. Behold the TAG Heuer Aquaracer, a professional-model dive watch. This timepiece is known for its water resistance rating of 300m (984ft). Moreover, its unidirectional bezel boasts an ergonomic design that allows divers to easily adjust it when wearing gloves.

Now, Formula 1 watches come in various sporty and elegant designs. Customers also have more options when it comes to movement. One example is the Formula 1 Automatic Chronograph Special Edition, which is powered by the Calibre Heuer 02. This in-house movement provides a chronograph function and around 80 hours of power reserve. With that said, this makes it more expensive than the other models at $14,899 USD.

The TAG Heuer Heritage collection pays tribute to the vintage TAG Heuer watches of the past. Instead of modern designs like the skeleton layout, this collection gives a more classic styling. Watches in this lineup even bear the old Heuer logo instead of the new one. This adds to the retro vibe of the watch.

The collection consists of various TAG Heuer watches for men as well as for ladies. One of the cheapest is the TAG Heuer Link Automatic Blue which uses the Calibre 5. It provides around 38 hours of power reserve and sports a dial with a sunray finish. This time-only watch costs only $2,950 USD.

While the brand excels in making traditional mechanical timepieces, they also make great smartwatches that can handle an active lifestyle. A good example is the TAG Heuer Connected Modular, which has been tried and tested by athletes. From running to golf, the Connected Modular collection can provide accurate timing and durability.

Inside, these watches are powered by Wear OS which was made by Intel. This operating system allows you to use various sports applications to measure your performance. Among its other functions include a heart rate monitor, calorie counter, and weather forecast. Moreover, this watch can be connected to your smartphone so you can view your calendar, emails, and SMS on your wrist.

Apart from that, another Heuer stopwatch timed the descent of The Eagle on the moon. So you can say that TAG Heuer is a reliable choice when it comes to making space watches. Now, both watches can be seen in the Smithsonian Museum.

The name TAG Heuer has been synonymous with motorsports. Indeed, the brand has been present in car races since the 1960s when their stopwatches became an essential tool for race teams. From 1971 up to 1979, Heuer became the official timekeeper for Formula 1 races where almost all drivers had the Heuer logo on their overalls.

TAG Heuer has been making precision watches since 1860. It started when 14-year-old Edouard Heuer became an apprentice to a watchmaker. It started his passion for creating watches. Years later, he established his own watch company called Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG in St-Imier, Switzerland at the age of 20.

At first, he produced pocket watches mostly made in silver. But in 1869, he had his first breakthrough by obtaining his first patent of a crown-operated, keyless winding system. This was the first of many inventions that followed suit, with each one contributing to the watchmaking industry. With that, the company started growing until they expanded in America in 1910 with Henri Freund & Bros as their exclusive distributor.

TAG Heuer also shines in the tennis world. Wimbledon champion Maria Sharapova was an ambassador to the brand and she is known for owning various TAG Heuer models like the Formula 1 Steel with Diamonds and Aquaracer in 18k Rose Gold. Reports even say that the athlete helped design the new TAG Heuer Formula 1 ceramic watches.

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With over 150 years of experience in creating precise watches that are bold in both design and function, TAG Heuer offers a wide selection of impeccable timepieces that are prized by collectors today. Explore a few of their top models and browse our inventory of pre-owned TAG Heuer pieces.

Bob's Watches is an independent watch dealer and is not sponsored by, associated withand/oraffiliated with Rolex S.A., Rolex USA, or any other brand listed on its website.Bob'sWatchesonly sells pre-owned watches and provides its own warranties on the watches itsells.The brandnames and associated model names for Rolex, OMEGA and other manufacturers are thetrademarks oftheir respective owners.

Some of the most precise mechanical watches have a certification from a Swiss chronometric testing facility known as COSC. When the movements that are given to this facility pass all sorts of testing, they then receive a designation of Chronometer.

That said, the most accurate watches are not mechanical watches at all. To be perfectly direct and honest, the most accurate watches from each of these brands are battery-powered quartz models. But not all quartz watches are created equal. Example: Longines has a Very High Precision Quartz collection.

TAG Heuer watches have a great rugged build and even their movements are beautifully designed. Longines, for the most part, makes more refined watches with beautiful hand finishing on their movements.

Both brands are rich in watchmaking know-how and manufacture watches with added mechanical functions other than showing you the hours, minutes, and seconds. In watchmaking, an extra feature other than the time-telling functions we just mentioned is called a complication. A good example is a day-date complication which is a function that gives a watch a window to show the day of the week and day of the month. 041b061a72


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