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Happy Days Malayalam Dubbed Movie 12

Noted producer Kahder Hassan reveals an interesting yet unknown fact about veteran Malayali actor Suresh Gopi. In a Facebook post, Hassan says that the dubbed versions of Suresh Gopi's action thrillers were once a rage in Andhra Pradesh. There was a time when Suresh Gopi was a well-known figure in the Telugu cinema. Khader Hassan who is known for introducing Malayali moviegoers to dubbed Telugu cinema says Suresh Gopi was popular in Andhra Pradesh just like Allu Arjun and his movies are hits in Kerala.

happy days malayalam dubbed movie 12


"I have heard that he was offered lots of projects in Tamil and Telugu during those days. Movies like Rajaputhran and Mahatma too became successes. In 1996, his three big-budget movies were simultaneously released in three or four languages.

However, the Telugu/Tamil version of Lelam (Royal Challengu/Lelam) was a box office dud. But his next movies Pathram (Journalist), FIR, and Nariman (Senapathi and Farz ki Pukar) were hits. It was when Suresh Gopi was establishing his stardom that a temporary ban on dubbed movies was imposed in the Telugu industry due to some problems in the cinema organizations. It was around this time that he took a break from the Malayalam cinema as well. Later, in 2005, he made a royal comeback with Bhatratchandran IPS. Suresh Gopi had visited Hyderabad to promote this movie. Tiger (Police Samrajyam) was another hit. Suresh Gopi was the only Malayali actor who enjoyed an amazing market for his dubbed movies. Had filmmakers tried to explore his real potential, then a small industry like Malayalam cinema could have conquered many significant milestones," says Khader Hassar.


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