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My first reason is demonstrative, because all killing of men by private men was forbidden to all mankind by the positive law of God, presently after the flood, before there were ever any such pacts as he imagineth in the World. Whoso sheddeth mans blood, by man shall his blood be shed; for in the Image of God made he man. That which he makes lawful in Gen. 9. 6. the natural state of man, and onely prohibited by covenant between man and man, was declared unlawful by the positive Law of God, to Noah and his posterity, from whom all the Cities, and Societies, and Common-wealths in the World, are descended.

Imagine Dragons - Mercury - Acts 1 amp; 2 Torrent Download

Secondly, this Law of God was no new Law then, but a declaration of the law of nature, which was imprinted in the heart of man from the beginning, as appeareth evidently [Page 188] by the reason annexed to the Law; for in the Image of God made he man. Either in the family of Adam was the natural state of man, or there never was any natural state of man in the World, before any such Common-wealths as he imagineth could be gathered, or any such pacts or covenants made. Yet even then the killing of those whom they judged noysome to them by private persons, was not onely esteemed an ordinary sin, but was a crying sin, for which we have the testimony of God himself to Cain, What hast thou done? the voice of thy brothers blood cryeth unto me from the ground?

[Page 330] Lastly, In many cases the Judge cannot A man cannot predeliberate perfectly of contingent events. judge that the Agent had sufficient time to deliberate, nor that it was his fault that he did not deliberate, for really he had not sufficient time to deliberate. And where he talketh that the Iudge supposeth all the time after the making of the law to have been time of deliberation, he erreth most pitifully. There needeth little or no time to deliberate of the law. All the need of deliberation is about the matter of fact, and the circumstances thereof. As for example. A sudain affront is put upon a man, which he did not expect, nor could possibly imagine, such as he apprehendeth, that flesh and blood cannot endure, and conceiveth himself ingaged in honour, to vindicate it forthwith. This is that which required deliberation, the nature and degree of the affront; the best remedies how to procure his own reparation in honour, the inconveniences that may arise from a sudain attempt, and the advantage which he may make of a little forbearance, with all the circumstances of the accidents. How could he possible deliberate of all these things, before any of these things were imaginable? He could neither certainly divine, nor probably conjecture that ever such an accident should happen. And therefore it remaineth still a grosse contradiction in him, to say that voluntary alwayes supposeth deliberation, and yet to confesse that many voluntary acts are undeliberate.

Secondly he teacheth, That in all times Kings and persons of Soveraign Authority, because Le. p. 63. of their indepency, are in continual jealousies, and in the state and posture of gladiatours, having their weapons pointing, and their eies fixed on one another. It is good for a Soveraign Prince to have his sword alwaies by his side, [Page 509] to be ready to protect his Subjects, and offend those who dare invade him: but to put Princes in the posture of gladiators, watching continually where they may hit one another, or do one another a mischief, is dangerous. There can be no firm amity, where there is no mutual confidence. T. H. his perpetual diffidence and causelesse jealousies, which have no ground, but an universal suspicion of the humane nature, (much like the good womans fear, that the log would leap out of the fire, and knock out the brains of her child) do beget perpetual vexations to them that cherish them, argue a self-guiltinesse, teach them who are suspected, often to do worse than they imagined, and ordinarily produce hostility and war. The state of Common-wealths among themselves is natural, that is, Ci. c. 15. s. 7. hostile. Neither if they cease to fight, is it peace, but a breathing space; wherein the one enemy observing the motion or countenance of the other, doth esteem his security not from pacts, but from the forces and counsels of his adversary. He maketh confederacies to be but empty shews without any realty.

And if he did speak of the state of meer nature, it were all one. For first his state of meer nature is a drowsie dream of his own feigning, which looketh upon men as if they were suddenly grown out of the ground like mushroms. Ci. c. 8. s. 1. The primigenious and most natural state of mankind, was in Adam before his fall, that is, the state of innocence. O [...] suppose we should give way to him to expound himself of the state of corrupted nature, that was in Adam and his family after his fall. But there was no such state of meer nature as he imagineth. There was Religion, there were Laws, Government, Society: and if there ever were any such barbarous savage rabble of men, as he supposeth, in the World, it is both untrue and dishonourable to the God of nature, to call it the state of meer nature, which is the state of degenerated nature. He might as well call an hydro [...]ical distemper, contracted by intemperance, or any other disease of that nature, the natural state of men. But there never was any such degenerate rabble of men in the World, that were without all Religion, all Government, all Laws, natural and Civil, no, not amongst the most barbarous Americans, (who except some few criminal habits, which those poor degenerate people, deceived by national [Page 532] stome, do hold for noble) have more principles of naturall piety, and honesty, and moralty, then are readily to be found in his writings. As for the times of civill war, they are so far from being without all pacts and governours, that they abound overmuch with pacts and governours making policy not only to seem, but to be double. 041b061a72


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