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Phaladeepika In Tamil Pdf 45

Phaladeepika in Tamil Pdf 45

Phaladeepika is a classic text on Vedic astrology, written by Mantreswara, a 13th century astrologer from Tamil Nadu. The name Phaladeepika means "a lamp that illuminates the fruits" of astrology. The book consists of 28 chapters, covering various topics such as the characteristics of the signs, planets, houses, yogas, dasas, transits, and horary astrology. Phaladeepika is considered one of the most authoritative and comprehensive works on Vedic astrology, and has been translated into many languages, including English, Hindi, Malayalam, and Telugu.

Phaladeepika in Tamil Pdf 45 is a digital version of the book in Tamil language, which can be downloaded for free from the Internet Archive. The book was translated by V. Subrahmanya Sastri, a scholar and astrologer who also translated other classics such as Brihat Jataka and Saravali. The book contains 450 pages, with detailed explanations and examples for each verse. The book also has an appendix with tables and charts for calculating planetary positions and other astrological factors.


Phaladeepika in Tamil Pdf 45 is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about Vedic astrology, especially in the Tamil context. The book covers all the essential aspects of astrology, such as the nature and effects of the signs, planets, houses, aspects, yogas, dasas, transits, and horary questions. The book also gives practical guidance on how to interpret a horoscope and make predictions based on various factors. The book is written in a clear and simple language, with illustrations and examples to make it easy to understand.

Phaladeepika in Tamil Pdf 45 is a must-read for anyone who is interested in Vedic astrology, whether as a hobby or as a profession. The book is a treasure trove of astrological wisdom and knowledge, which can help one to gain insight into one's own life and destiny, as well as the lives and destinies of others. The book can also help one to develop one's intuition and analytical skills, which are essential for any astrologer. Phaladeepika in Tamil Pdf 45 is a book that can enlighten and enrich one's mind and soul.


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