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FATXplorer v2.0.6.10382 x64: The Ultimate Tool for Xbox 360 Storage Devices

If you are looking for a way to manage your Xbox 360 storage devices, such as hard drives, memory units, and USB flash drives, you need FATXplorer v2.0.6.10382 x64. This is the latest version of the popular software that allows you to access, modify, and backup your Xbox 360 data on your PC.

What is FATXplorer?

FATXplorer is the culmination of over a years worth of research on the little known Xbox storage device file system called FATX. FATX is not supported natively by any operating system, which means that custom applications and drivers needed to be developed in order to browse the contents of this file system.


FATXplorer uses a custom in-house driver to communicate with FATX formatted storage devices. FATXplorers driver is state of the art and was engineered for performance and reliability. FATXplorer was built around this driver and it provides many features to manipulate the file system, such as exploration, extraction, injection, formatting, partitioning, repairing, and more.

Who is it for?

FATXplorer is for anyone willing to take their Xbox experience to the next level. FATXplorer allows you to go deep into one of the Xboxs most mysterious file systems. FATXplorer is for anyone who cares about the Xbox storage device that they paid good money for. You deserve an application that complies with FATX standards and one that just works without throwing errors at you right and left. FATXplorer is for anyone who has a need for speed. Everything from device load time to transferring files in the tens of gigabytes has been optimized for lightning fast speeds.

What can you do with it?

With FATXplorer v2.0.6.10382 x64, you can do many things with your Xbox 360 storage devices, such as:

  • Browse and explore the contents of your device using a familiar Windows Explorer interface.

  • Copy, move, rename, delete, and create files and folders on your device.

  • Edit and save files directly on your device using any Windows application.

  • Extract and inject files and folders between your device and your PC.

  • Backup and restore your entire device or selected partitions.

  • Format and partition your device with custom sizes and labels.

  • Repair corrupted or damaged devices.

  • View detailed information about your device, such as serial number, firmware version, sector size, etc.

  • And much more!

How to get it?

If you want to download FATXplorer v2.0.6.10382 x64, you can visit the official website at [FATXplorer]. There you can also find more information about the software, such as screenshots, tutorials, FAQs, changelog, etc.

FATXplorer v2.0.6.10382 x64 is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 (64-bit only). It supports all Xbox 360 storage devices formatted with FATX file system, including the internal hard drive of Xbox 360 Slim and E models. It also supports Xbox One formatted devices, but only for reading and extraction.

FATXplorer v2.0.6.10382 x64 is the ultimate tool for Xbox 360 storage devices. Whether you want to backup your game saves, mod your games, or just explore your device, FATXplorer v2.0.6.10382 x64 can help you do it all.


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