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How To Find Open Databases With The Help Of Shodan And Lampyre

Google is one of the most commonly used search engine when it comes to finding stuff on the internet. For a single search, the results can be of various hundred pages sorted in order of relevance. The results vary from ads, websites, social media posts, images etc. Google Dorks can help a user to target the search or index the results in a better and more efficient way. Let us say that the user wants to search for the word usernames but only requires the results with PDF files and not websites. This is done as below:

How to find open databases with the help of Shodan and Lampyre

Maltego is a versatile open source intelligence platform that can simplify and expedite investigations. It provides access to 58 data sources and manual upload capabilities, as well as databases of up to 1 million entities to help you conduct better analysis. Its powerful visualization tools also enable you to choose from different layouts like blocks, hierarchical, or circular graphs with weights and notes for further refinement.

Spyse: It is the most comprehensive asset register & search engine on the internet that helps cybersecurity professionals gear up for gathering open-source information. It has tons of internet assets and helps in easy reconnaissance. This tool can discover other domains residing within the same IP address.


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