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The Devil Conspiracy YIFY

Lovecraft meets David Lynch in this strange tale of horror. Its not the typical horror cinema where you know the monster or monstruosity and the intentions it has for the heroes. It is Cosmic Horror at its best that questions the nature of reality and hints at the hand that rules this world.Like in Dark City the movie shows us a grimm reality that lacks color and seems to exist in the vacum of a room where the protagonists follow a tv news show that is about to expose "something" the president has done.. a dark secret that might cost him the reelection. But slowly the story derails into the field of the unknown where shadows hide monstruosities without name that we cannot understand if they are a reality or just a vision. Like that we are dragged into a journey of discovery and obscurity. The Nameless is not called like that because it has no name but because it should not be named. What happen when you find the true name of that which should not be called ?Mild contextual pseudo spoilers----------------------------------------Argentina (like so many others) is a country that has been divided from its beginnings into factions that lead to the same thing. Even today the government follows the same recipe that has trapped us into this bizarre reality that is more fantastic that any fantasy. How is it possible that in a democrafic land the polititians that rule us do the same over and over and over ? Is it the stupidity of the citizens ? Or are there forces that makes us forget what happened before and will be repeated over and over to infinity ? Like in a Matrix every 4-8 years argentinians make the same mistake and vote the same people that destroyed our country like in a spell and repeat the cycle that never ends.Lovecraft is the supreme master of horror for a reason. He is the first author post the Gothic period that removes religion from his stories. It is not the devil which guides the action of men but forces we cannot understand... forces that drive mad anyone who tries. And like lovecraft in his stories, this movie takes us to the journey of strange characters that will confront this evil and probably not survive it, whom are doomed to never wake up from the everlasting dream of reality.We are the characters in the end and this review never really existed :)

The Devil Conspiracy YIFY


Preparing for a special broadcast, the crew of a local news show is getting ready for a potentially explosive story to break regarding a connection between the government and a massive conspiracy, but as time goes on they realize there's more to the encounter than they initially expected.Overall, this was a highly enjoyable and chilling effort. One of the more enjoyable elements here is the wholly unique and intriguing storyline that serves as a perfect launching point for its burgeoning plot points. Operating as the behind-the-scenes exploits of the crew attempting to use the broadcast and the specifics are known about how important it is to get the facts out involving their relevance and duration, the dialog-heavy plot-points mentioned here about each of the guests keep this one intriguing. The interview-based setup where the film talks with each of the specific guests about their connection to the fabled notebook brought out as the centerpiece of the show serve as a fine counterpoint to the discussions brought about through the show. That brings about the other impressive aspect of the film in the secretive nature of the revelations that come about. With the conversations involving the supposed warlock and the doubting skeptic that tries to bring about a dubious conspiracy theory hiding behind the scenes. The way the conversations go where it spends more time on the secretive nature of their individual history with each other and how that spills into the plot points involving the warlocks' background with the occult and how the tell-all book was written generates a lot of fun moments as the tension builds throughout the night. Once it gets to the final half where the group is trying to bring the issue to a head under a time deadline and the group starts to feel the effects of the potential witchcraft being conducted against them which brings about some enjoyable flashes with the witchcraft affecting them. Overall, these elements give this one a lot to like while there are a few minor issues to be had with the film. The main problem is a simplistic approach by being heavily based on conversations between the crew working in the background on exposing the conspiracy rather than actually generating any action. The low-key style that serves to slowly enhance the escalating dread and suspense about the conspiracy doesn't produce as much action as one might expect since it's either showing the sit-down roundtable interviews or the crew in the backstage area talking about specific points that have to be mentioned. This can be quite dull for those that want more activity in their films, which is all the more pronounced to those who aren't invested in the political intrigue featured. This isn't all that well-explained and can bring the film down somewhat.Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Language and Violence. 041b061a72


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