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Izotope Ozone Plugin For Winamp Download Full [TOP]

just Great - This plugin is one of the best plugins for dsp ever!It has everything everybody needs just in one click. It's pretty fast and fully compatible with the most 16bit formats. I've been using it for years and it has never crashed or stopped working (even 1 time!). It's great for mastering too.All products of "Izotope" are great for susre!I recommend also trying the Izotope Ozone 4 (the VST version from Izotope's site wich also works great with "Vst bridge" plugin) - August 22, 2009 by manev.mitko

Izotope Ozone Plugin For Winamp Download Full

Wonderfull - Ok, let's face it - I'm not an audiophile. I'm not an audio pro. I don't even hear subtle nuances in music. I don't know the terms used. I just care about the feeling. Hence: lot's of crap will follow...Listening to FLACs on a pair of really good professional audio monitors (with reasonably flat freq.response 85Hz-20kHz and very good sounding lows) is much more _enjoyable_ when this plugin is enabled. The room simulation really adds some life to the sound even at low SPL. Reverb or what ever you audiophiles call it. If I turn off the room simulation, the sound becomes boringly flat. I'll still have a wonderfull sound stage thanks to these two gems, but it's so... static and boring. More exact and defined maybe, but in my opinion it really looses some "life".The tube amplifier bass compression also enhances my listening experience. It makes the bass sound much more like my grand grand mothers valve radio - and that's not a bad thing! Progressive trance, for example, just sounds SO MUCH better! I like that wonderfull bass! Without Ozone the sound becomes very dry and analytical.I don't have clue about how this Ozone sounds with the usual "multimedia speakers", and frankly I don't want to know :)This plugin is worth a try. - July 4, 2007 by anonymous anonymous

Simply the BEST Winamp plugin!!! - After trying dozens of DSP plugins - and being disapointed with most of them - at last I found one that REALLY enhances your mp3 listening experience. Ozone emulates the good aspects of analog audio on your compressed music, making it sound full, deep, warm, airy and punchy in place of that thin and shallow digital sound. The difference is enormous and still you feel that's how it's supposed to sound, unlike many plugins that makes it all feel very artificial.The free version alone can greatly improve the sound of your pc speakers, earphones, etc, but the full software is so vastly configurable that besides allowing the user to tweak it perfectly to his needs, it is extremely addicting to mess around with as well! For those who prefer to just push play and enjoy, there are TONS of presets, for various music styles and - yes - lots of specific artists. Amazing, huh? In addition, you can assign presets to each of your songs. The guys at iZotope really thought of everything...My suggestion to everyone that demands the best is: BUY THE FULL VERSION NOW! Your ears will be eternally thankful and you'll wonder how in the world you could listen to music without this. - January 27, 2006 by Lucas Buss

Freekin' Awesome - After playing with the free version for only about half an hour I ordered the full version. This is production quality stuff, and at $19 (promo till 12/31/05) it can't be beat. I was absolutely amazed at what it did for the sound of the songs I tried it on, just using the default preset. And for those who are morally opposed to paying for winamp plugins, this is production quality stuff from a real company that has other signal processing products. It is great that there are many free plugins, but ya gets what ya pays for. This is the first plugin I've spent money for. Try the free version. The free presets alone may meet your needs, but this is one that I just couldn't pass up. When you pay, you get a package that supports winamp, windows media player and the qcd player, all for $19. - December 24, 2005 by Steven Quinlan

Amazing!!! - If you love music and actually know what you are doing, this is the plugin for you. Even though it uses quite a bit of system resouces, I bought the full version and it's one of the best computer related purchases I've ever made. The sound is so perfect when you can adjust the EQ, the room simulator, the lowest lows and where they cutoff and the entire mid section to add/decrease warmth and the final touch with a little bit of sparkle to add to the highs. If you don't have this plugin, you don't know what you are missing and if you do have it and don't love it, maybe you just need to buy it so you can actually see what it's capable of. Besides, for 29 dollars it's TOTALLY worth it! - September 20, 2005 by Xero Tech

izotope Ozone - The freebie settings, I wish were more of. I use the extra wide sound along with winamp eq set on rock and get a good sound at only 48kbs. Worth checking out. Worth buying? Why shell out the bucks for something that works for free. Just my opinon. Regards, Jim - July 18, 2005 by Jim Stampley

Wow - What a difference!! - I have been using Winamp for over a year now, but never had heard about this plugin. Being a sound fanatic, I was shocked that I hadn't. Anyway, I am using the free version right now, and they give you several presets to choose from. But, you are unable to modify any of the settings. But I can't believe the change in sound quality - all I can say is WOW!! As the previous reviewer says - it is worth paying for the full version. It makes that much of a difference. Now, if I could find that promotion code you mentioned, I would upgrade in a heart beat. Either way, $30 is a fair price for what this plugin does, but $20 makes it an even sweeter deal. If anyone knows what the promo code is, I would appreciate knowing as I haven't come across it yet. - May 5, 2005 by Jeff Lee

Best of the best - I have been using winamp for a very very long time, and been using izotope OZONE for over 2 yrs now. Why? because it is the best. i have tried so many DSP plugins, there are some good quality ones, but Ozone is still by far the best. it has tons of presets. and you can munipulate it anyway you want. Room simulator allows you change your setting according to your room, Valve EQ allows you to do anything and everything you possible want. and of course, very cool GUI. The FREE DEMO version is the tip of the ice burg of what you can experience, you should really get a hold of a copy of full version so you can take your music experience to the next level - April 14, 2004 by David Lee

come on - first, complaining about the features is ridiculous. this is a pro-level music engineering software that normally costs 200 bucks. second, take the pepsi challenge with this, play a song with this on, in the middle of the song turn izotope off and see how the music normally sounds in winamp. Yeah, a world of difference i know. this plug-in has helped me enjoy music i already love even more. i cannot even begin to describe how awesome it is. if this doesnt work on your comp, maybe its time to ditch the 25mhz packard bell, or be quiet and dont download such advanced applications. honestly, how can anyone say this program doesnt rock? - January 21, 2004 by rad wol

Earotic... - I just can't tell you how pleased I am that a company in it for the money would give such a great no stings demo. (although they say they just want payment to help pay for the tools they had to purchase to create this great plugin (I can understand that))It works better than all of the other audio manipulating devices I have downloaded for free. A special note to all who read this. I use Winamp 2.91 and Windows ME along with my Athlon 1.2 MZ computer and it works flawlessly. The added feature appears when I use the DirectX plugin adapter module and checked off Ozone. Viola! I was able to access all of the special add ons you're only supposed to get with the paid version. Opps! Pass the word. Hey try it. It's free and you won't regret it. I am a professional musician and composer and can honestly say the Ozone plugin is AWESOME! - July 13, 2003 by Jesse Mendez

People who use 0 stars are idiots. - You should not review this unless you try the full version and spend time getting to know it. CRACK! Read the 'reviews' from the people who dislike this product. They are a joke. Of course their reviews are not reviews,because they are IDIOTS. Saying something 'sucks' is not a review people. If you dont like this product,at least explain why in coherent language or SHUT-UP! This is the by far,the best plugin for WinAmp. Nothing is even close technically to this. You need to get the full version of this to really understand its full potential. I think alot of people are either too lazy or too ignorant to understand and learn what this plugin does. If you want some dumbed down little plug-in with a few sliders that are shallow..dont use this. Let me tell you what i like about this plugin.1. Parametric EQ. - You can really shape your sound to the finest detail. You can focus in on the frequencies that makes your MP3's sound 'cardboard' like. In my opinion,you should mainly cut frequencies rather than boost. The main one for MP3's is around 400 HZ - 500 HZ that should be slightly cut with a Q around 1.0 - 1.5.2. Bass Compression - The greatest thing I have ever seen on a WinAmp plugin. It gives you total control of the overall bass sound that a EQ can not. 3.Tube Saturation - This is a MUST! a MUST! if you want your digital files to sound natural. It really adds a sparkle to the high frequencies and works real well in conjuction with the bass Compression. On files like Beatles and older files,it brings out the Hi-Hats and cymbals without making it sound tin like,the way an EQ does when you boost the high frequencies to get the proper high end. This does it in a more natural way than an EQ.4. Tube Limiter - Another great part of the chain. Once you learn how to use it,you will get great results.5. Room Simulator. - You should be carefull with this. If used too much,it will make your files sound like they are in a tunnel. most of the presets use way too much in my opinion. If you use it slightly,you will get a good room and speaker expansion. You can even bypass this. But if you use it,you should keep wet/dry level below 3.0. On sparse and acoustic music like early Bob Dylan,it works great.6. This is the BEST one...the presets and assigned songs to them. You can assign your songs one by one,or by directory to individual presets. With MP3's at different volume levels that need different needs,this is a gift from the MP3 god. Once the song is assigned,Ozone will play it in the preset you assigned it to when ever you play it. You should all know what I am talking about when i say that different MP3's need different things. And finally,erase all the presets and create all your own from scratch. Everyones soundcard and sound system will be different,so the presets may not be good for what you have..just use them as a starting point. AND READ THE INSTRUCTION manual. It goes through each part of the plug-in step by step. GET THE FULL VERSION now.Brian from Florida. - July 2, 2003 by Brian Mozingo


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