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Baldi's Basics: A Survival Horror Game with a Sense of Humor

Baldi's Basics: A Fun and Scary Game About Math

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go back to school and learn math from a creepy teacher who chases you with a ruler? If so, then you might want to try Baldi's Basics, a horror game that parodies cheap educational software from the 90s.

What is Baldi's Basics and who is Baldi?

Baldi's Basics is a survival horror stealth game that was created by indie developer Micah McGonigal in 2018 as an entry for a game jam. The game is inspired by bad edutainment games from the 90s, such as Sonic's Schoolhouse and I.M. Meen.


The game takes place in a schoolhouse where you play as a student who has to collect 7 notebooks that contain math problems. However, there is a catch: the teacher of the schoolhouse is Baldi, a bald man with a green sweater who loves math but hates wrong answers.

Baldi is the main antagonist of the game and he will chase you with his ruler if you get any math problem wrong. He can hear every sound you make, so you have to be careful not to run or make noise while exploring the schoolhouse.

Baldi has a unique appearance and personality that makes him both funny and scary at the same time. He has a big smile that never changes, even when he is angry or sad. He has a high-pitched voice that sounds like a text-to-speech program. He also has some quirky phrases that he says throughout the game, such as "Let's play!", "I hear math that bad", or "Congratulations! You've found all 7 notebooks! Now all you need to do is... GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN!"

How to play Baldi's Basics?

The main objective of Baldi's Basics is to collect all 7 notebooks and escape from the schoolhouse before Baldi catches you. However, this is easier said than done, as there are many obstacles and challenges that you have to face along the way.

Each notebook contains 3 math problems that you have to solve by typing in your answer. The first two problems are usually easy, but the third one is always impossible to solve correctly (such as "4 + 5 = ?"). If you get any problem wrong, Baldi will get angry and start chasing you faster. You can see how angry he is by looking at his face on the top left corner of the screen.

To make things worse, you also have to deal with other characters that roam around the schoolhouse and can either help you or hinder you. Some of these characters are:

  • The Principal of the Thing: He is a tall man with a blue shirt and a whistle. He will send you to detention for 15 seconds if he sees you breaking any rules, such as running, entering faculty rooms, or using items.

  • Playtime: She is a little girl with a pink dress and a jump rope. She will force you to play with her by jumping rope 5 times. If you fail to do so, she will make you start over. You can use items to cut her rope and escape from her.

  • It's a Bully: He is a big boy with a purple shirt and a backpack. He will block your way and demand items from you. If you don't have any items, he will let you pass. You can use items to distract him or push him away.

  • Gotta Sweep: He is a giant broom with eyes and a mouth. He will sweep the halls and push anything in his way, including you and other characters. He can be helpful or harmful depending on the situation.

There are also various items that you can find or collect in the schoolhouse that can help you survive. Some of these items are:

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  • Baldi Anti Hearing and Disorienting Tape: This item will make Baldi unable to hear your movements for a short time.

  • BSODA: This item will spray soda that can push away characters that are in front of you.

  • Chocolate Bar: This item will restore your stamina, which allows you to run faster.

  • Energy Flavored Zesty Bar: This item will increase your stamina capacity, which allows you to run longer.

  • Quarter: This item can be used to buy items from vending machines or pay the phone bill in the faculty room.

The game also has some random events that can affect the gameplay, such as:

  • Baldi's speed: Baldi's speed can change randomly depending on how many notebooks you have collected.

  • Baldi's fog machine: Baldi can activate a fog machine that will make the schoolhouse harder to see.

  • Baldi's phone: Baldi can call the phone in the faculty room and make noise that will attract him.

Who are the other characters in Baldi's Basics?

Besides Baldi and the characters mentioned above, there are also other characters that appear in Baldi's Basics. Some of them are:

  • Arts and Crafters: He is a sock puppet with googly eyes and a mouth. He is shy and will hide from you unless you collect more than 7 notebooks. If you do, he will become angry and teleport you to Baldi.

  • 1st Prize: He is a blue robot with wheels and arms. He is friendly and will hug you if he sees you. However, his hugs are very strong and he will drag you along with him until he hits a wall or another character.

  • Filename2: He is a mysterious character that looks like a corrupted version of Baldi. He only appears in secret endings or easter eggs. He has unknown abilities and motives.

How to survive Baldi's Basics?

Baldi's Basics is a very challenging game that requires strategy, skill, and luck to beat. Here are some tips and tricks on how to survive Baldi's Basics:

  • Plan your route: Before you start collecting notebooks, try to explore the schoolhouse and memorize the layout. Find out where the exits, items, vending machines, faculty rooms, etc. are located. Plan your route accordingly and try to avoid dead ends or areas where Baldi or other characters can trap you.

  • Solve math problems correctly: As much as possible, try to solve the math problems correctly in the first two notebooks. This will make Baldi less angry and slower at the beginning of the game. However, if you get any problem wrong, don't panic and try to run away from Baldi as fast as possible.

  • Use items wisely: Items are very useful in Baldi's Basics, but they are also limited and sometimes hard to find. Use them wisely and only when necessary. For example, use the BSODA to push away Baldi or other characters when they are close to you, use the Baldi Anti Hearing and Disorienting Tape to sneak past Baldi or other characters when they are far from you, use the Chocolate Bar or the Energy Flavored Zesty Bar to restore or increase your stamina when you need to run, etc.

  • Be careful with noise: Baldi can hear every sound you make, so be careful not to run or use items when he is near. However, you can also use noise to your advantage by luring Baldi away from your location or distracting him with other sounds, such as the phone, the alarm clock, the school bell, etc.

  • Watch out for other characters: Other characters can be helpful or harmful depending on the situation. Try to avoid them as much as possible, unless you can use them to your benefit. For example, you can use Playtime to delay Baldi or other characters by making them jump rope with her, you can use Gotta Sweep to sweep you away from Baldi or other characters, you can use 1st Prize to hug Baldi or other characters and drag them away from you, etc.

Why is Baldi's Basics popular and fun?

Baldi's Basics is a popular and fun game because it combines horror, comedy, and nostalgia in a unique way. The game is a parody of bad edutainment games from the 90s, which many people grew up with and remember fondly. The game also has a retro style that mimics the low-quality graphics and sounds of those games.

The game is also a horror game that creates a tense and scary atmosphere with its simple but effective gameplay mechanics. The game makes you feel helpless and vulnerable as you try to escape from Baldi and other characters who are constantly chasing you. The game also has some jump scares and surprises that keep you on your toes.

The game is also a comedy game that makes you laugh with its absurd and hilarious characters, dialogues, and situations. The game has a lot of humor and references that poke fun at the genre and th


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