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Star Wars: Andor 1x9

At ISB headquarters, Dedra delivers a report on Coruscant and starts to connect Cassian to Aldhani with the Aldani heist. She and her superiors also come up with a scheme to set a trap for unseen rebel Anton Kreegyr, whom Luthen wanted extremist rebel Saw Gerrera to work with. It feels like the Dedra is getting closer and closer to Luthen.

Star Wars: Andor 1x9

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The question we should be asking now is: just how malevolent is Dedra Meero? In the over five-minute scene to begin the episode, Gough (Under the Banner of Heaven, Too Close) really spreads her wings and takes her villainy as Meero to another level. We've seen her be cold, firm, and perhaps even a little mean in previous scenes where she is grilling Syril Karn (Kyle Soller) in Episode 8. She has also taken other underlings and ISB council members to task, but what she's prepared to do to Bix is far more sinister and is a great turn for both Gough and for ratcheting up the tension Andor is so well-known for as of now. As she stands over Bix and starts to pace slowly about the room, you can really feel Meero taking over the space and the scene. Her direct but measured monotone is ominous as she leverages the threat of psychological torture upon Bix with deft efficacy.

"I don't like wasting time," Meero announces, shifting her head to work out the stiffness in her neck. Meero's very first line sets the tone for both the scene and the episode. It also serves as a reminder that the Empire is done with the tomfoolery on Ferrix. As she slowly paces around the bound Bix, hands clasped behind her back, she shrewdly offers up the grim reality of Bix's current situation. Occasionally, Meero leans in and whispers in Bix's ear to get her point across. Tired and disheveled, you can tell that her interrogation methods are starting to wear away at Bix and erode her defenses. With Dr, Gorst (Joshua James) peering over her shoulder preparing his tortuous toys, the scene has all the hostile nuance of a great interrogation.

While Gough's take on the nefarious Imperial officer is becoming darker and darker, her status among the franchise's villains is gaining some serious traction. We're almost ready to put her into the pantheon of Star Wars evil-doers, as her status is definitely trending that way. Though it may seem a bit premature to start throwing her name in with the likes of Vader, Maul, Ren, and Sidious, don't be surprised if she isn't knocking on that door very soon.

'star wars: andor' Online Completa Cuevana Las aventuras del espía rebelde Cassian Andor durante los años de formación de la Rebelión antes de los eventos de Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. La serie explora historias llenas de espionaje y atrevidas misiones para devolver la esperanza a una galaxia dominada por un imperio despiadado. 041b061a72


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